18/10/2009 20:28

Please help ACA to insure that Americans overseas are not unfairly taxed to support Health Care reform

Once again ACA is asking that members and supporters email, fax and/or write their Senators in support of a change in legislative language used in the bill "Americas Health Future Act of 2009."  The U.S. Senate Finance Committee passed the $829 billion America's Healthy Future Act this week, voting to send the bill to the Senate floor for a full debate however, the bill still contains language which would cause great hardship on American citizens living outside the US.  The wording would leave Americans overseas exposed to paying an excise tax regardless of whether they carry health insurance via overseas health providers.  The purpose of the proposed excise tax is to encourage all Americans who benefit from the US health program to participate in its financing.  Americans residing overseas can not benefit from the US health system so for them the excise tax is just that -- a tax with no counter-part service. 

Please help ACA to insure that Americans overseas are not unfairly taxed.  Help ACA to bring this matter to the attention of the decision makers in Washington DC by writing to your representative today.  Attached is a sample letter that you can use to write to your Senator. We strongly suggest that you fax your letters as this has the most immediate effect however, you may also email or hard copy mail.  Visit the following websites for address information on your representative.

Thank you.


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American Citizens Abroad (ACA), the voice of Americans overseas, is a non-profit, non-partisan, all-volunteer organization that represents the interests of Americans living and working outside the U.S. to the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government, the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Federal Judiciary to insure that Americans overseas are treated with equality and fairness.  ACA keeps Americans overseas informed and supports their role as informal representatives of the United States.  To learn more about ACA please visit our website, www.americansabroad.org

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