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"Common Sense Wisdom" by Pepper de Callier





by Pepper de Callier

Common Sense Wisdom is a little book with a big message about life—your life. At one time or another we all must face important transitions or changes in our lives. It’s at moments like these that some common sense wisdom can help us understand what is happening, how we should respond, and how we can best chart our course for the future.
Drawing upon more than 30 years as an advisor and coach to executives, government officials, and people from all walks of life from Asia to Europe, and the United States, Pepper de Callier shares the wisdom he has learned from these people in a way that will cause you to think about your life and career as never before. The goal of Common Sense Wisdom is to give you the tools, understanding, and motivation to become your own career or life coach.


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Pepper de Callier


Here are just a few quotes from leaders about Pepper de Callier, his work and his writings.:


To address the huge challenges of the 21st century we will need great leaders—leaders with emotional intelligence and the ability to inspire others by their example. Pepper de Callier’s book is a wonderful guide and companion for your journey to leadership excellence.”


Jan Muhlfeit

Chairman Europe

Microsoft Corporation



Pepper de Callier combines a deep understanding of effective leadership behavior with a unique ability to unlock a person’s own quest for authentic leadership and personal mastery. Pepper’s coaching style combines an intensity, directness, and results orientation with an almost zen-like wisdom.”


Lard Friese,


ING Insurance Benelux



Read this book. You and your organization will be better

off for it. Pepper’s approach is not only intellectually

stimulating and inspirational, but it is practical,

down to earth, and easily implemented.”

Ronald E. Gerevas, former CEO of Heidrick & Struggles, Inc.



A great coach helps one to find answers, balance priorities and stay focused. This is precisely what Pepper helped me with. After selling Papirius to Office Depot, I jumped from an entrepreneurial to a corporate world—two very different environments. Pepper helped me understand, navigate and succeed in this transition.”


Petr Sykora

Private Investor



"Pepper reads into people's potential in an insightful manner. His style of communicating is warm, constructive and inspirational."


Muriel Anton


Vodafone Czech Republic



Pepper’s life experience coupled with his professional experience as a coach offer fantastic and exciting insights to anyone who aspires to leadership excellence.”


Jiri Kunert


UniCredit Bank Czech Republic, a.s.



"Common Sense Wisdom" offers unique and useful insights for self reflection and personal growth along with guidance about how to successfully navigate in today's complex world without sacrificing one’s authenticity.


Petr Smida


Amsterdam Trade Bank



Pepper’s ability as a coach coupled with his natural empathy and deep insights into the human psyche, take him to the top of his field.”


Mike Short

CEO Plzensky Prazdroj Feb 2003 - Sep 2009.



"Pepper de Callier captures the essence of developing yourself and your career with a masterful approach. He does a great service to managers sharing his enduring passion, deep practical experience and wisdom.”


Jitka Schmiedova

Human Resources Director

Ceska sporitelna

Member of Erste Group



"Pepper de Callier can uniquely combine high level leadership theory with everyday business reality. I have always received excellent guidance from him for any difficult business or leadership situation I have faced.”


Vaclav Novotny

Managing Director

Merck Sharp & Dohme—Czech Republic


Book is available at:

Luxor, Palace of Books (Vaclavske namesti 41, Prague 1)





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