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American Center CALENDAR for the MONTH AHEAD: March 1 - 31, 2010

Admission to all events is free of charge.


Please check the details and look for changes at www.americkecentrum.cz




§       Lee Marmon    Photo exhibition by Native American photographer in the American Center main rooms

§       Oh! Beautiful - The U.S. National Parks Poster show in the American Center foyer 

§       Star Trek       Memorabilia in the American Center Library

§       Native American Film Series     In conjunction with Lee Marmon exhibition

§       Strong Women Film Series        Tuesday night film series focuses on strong women in pre-code Hollywood films in honor of International Women’s Day

§       U.S. Higher Education Fair      The largest U.S. Higher Education Fair in the history of the Czech Republic, at the Prague Marriott



§       Tuesday, March 2, 2010


WHERE:   American Center, Tržiště 13, Prague 1 - Malá Strana

WHEN:     6 p.m.


Smoke Signals (1998) is an independent film directed by Chris Eyre based on a collection of short stories by Sherman Alexie.  Set in Arizona, Smoke Signals is the story of two Native American young men on a journey. Victor (Adam Beach) is the stoic, handsome son of an alcoholic father who has abandoned his family. Thomas (Evan Adams) is a gregarious, goofy young man who lost both his parents in a fire at a very young age. When Victor's estranged father dies, the two men embark on an adventure to Phoenix to collect the ashes. Along the way, Smoke Signals illustrates the ties that bind these two very different young men and embraces the lessons they learn from one another.


Smoke Signals won the Filmmaker's Trophy winner (Chris Eyre), Audience Award winner, and Grand Jury Prize nomination at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival.


The movie will be screened in English with English subtitles.


§       Thursday, March 4, 2010


WHERE:   American Center, Tržiště 13, Prague 1 - Malá Strana

WHEN:     5:30 p.m.  



Lecture by Bradley A. Thayer, a professor in the Department of Political Science at Baylor University in Texas. Few topics in international relations consistently attract as much academic and policy interest as nuclear proliferation. The literature on the subject tends to focus on four central questions: Why do states seek nuclear weapons? How do they acquire the components necessary to build them? What are the consequences of proliferation? And how can nuclear weapons be kept out of the hands of nonstate actors? Bradley Thayer will explore the details of these questions.


The lecture will be in English.


§       Friday, March 12, 2010


WHERE:   American Center, Tržiště 13, Prague 1 - Malá Strana

WHEN:     2:30 p.m.


Professor Laurie Olin of the University of Pennsylvania and a group of students from many countries will present the results of a week-long workshop at Centre for the Future in Slavonice that focuses environmental as well as social issues in the field of landscape architecture.  In their projects, groups of students together with Czech NGOs will investigate issues both large and small, from the Czech-Austrian border to a 8,500 km Green Belt stretching along the former Iron Curtain. The European Green Belt initiative has the vision to create the backbone of an ecological network that runs from the Barents to the Black sea, spanning some of the most important habitats for biodiversity among distinct biogeographical regions in Europe.


The program will be held in English.                     


§    Tuesday, March 16, 2010


WHERE:   American Center, Tržiště 13, Prague 1 - Malá Strana

WHEN:     6 p.m.


She Done Him Wrong is a 1933 Pre-code Paramount Pictures comedy/romance motion picture starring Mae West and Cary Grant.

The story is set in New York in the 1890s. Singer and nightclub owner Lady Lou has more men friends than you can imagine. Unfortunately one of them is a vicious criminal who has escaped and is on the way to see "his" girl, not realizing she hasn't exactly been faithful in his absence. Help is at hand in the form of young Captain Cummings, a local temperance league leader.

She Done Him Wrong was nominated for an Academy Award for Outstanding Production, now known as Best Picture. At 66 minutes, it is the shortest film ever to be so honored.

The Motion Picture Production Code was the set of industry censorship guidelines which governed the production of the vast majority of United States motion pictures released by major studios from 1930 to 1968. It was originally popularly known as the Hays Code, after its creator, Will H. Hays.


The movie will be screened in English with English subtitles.                     


§    Tuesday, March 23, 2010


WHERE:   Marriott Hotel, V Celnici 8, Prague 1 

WHEN:     5:00 – 7:30 p.m.

WHAT:     U.S. HIGHER EDUCATION FAIR    Education fair

Czech students interested in studying in the United States will have a unique opportunity to discuss their plans with more than 50 representatives of U.S. colleges, universities and other educational organizations at the largest U.S. Higher Education Fair in the history of the Czech Republic. Represented schools also offer language courses, short-term and summer programs as well as online education. Organizations administrating standardized admission test SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT and language exams TOEFL and IELTS will participate as well. On the spot, visitors can personally consult with the Czech educational adviser belonging to the EducationUSA network. A coordinator of the Fulbright Commission will provide information on government scholarships of the Fulbright Program.


For more information, please visit www.fulbright.cz/fair/index.shtml                 


§    Tuesday, March 30, 2010


WHERE:   American Center, Tržiště 13, Prague 1 - Malá Strana

WHEN:     6 p.m.

WHAT:     STRONG WOMEN FILM SERIES: BABY FACE           Film screening

Baby Face is a sexually-charged, pre-Code drama film, first released in 1933. The film was directed by Alfred E. Green. It stars Barbara Stanwyck and George Brent.

Moving to New York after having to do more than serving drinks at her father's run-down speakeasy in a small industrial town, Lilly (‘Baby Face’) decides to sleep her way up the corporate ladder at Gotham Trust, using men the way they have used her in the past. In her quest, she not only uses those men, but ruins them in the process. Her main goal is to find the man who can best afford to provide her a carefree lifestyle.

After the original version of the film was rejected by the New York State Censorship Board in April 1933, the film was softened by cutting out some material. The uncensored version remained lost until 2004, when it resurfaced at a Library of Congress film vault in Dayton, Ohio. The restored version premiered at the London Film Festival in November 2004. In 2005 it was deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" and selected for preservation in the United States Library of Congress National Film Registry and also was named by Time.com as one of the 100 best movies of the last 80 years.


The movie will be screened in English with English subtitles.                


Admission to all events is free of charge. Please check the details and look for changes at www.americkecentrum.cz




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