The Unwritten Resume

The Unwritten Resume

Drawing upon more than 30 years of experience advising senior executives around the world and almost a decade living and working in Central and Eastern Europe, Pepper de Callier, Founder of The Prague Leadership Institute, shares what he has found to be the most powerful force behind career success. It’s not intelligence or experience, as most people believe; it’s what he calls The Unwritten Resume.

In his book, which is the second volume of a three-volume set on personal and career development, de Callier explains the common mistakes people make when “writing” their unwritten resumes, all of which can send a completely different message than what was intended and many of which can be the career equivalent of a suicide bomb. “The unusual thing about the unwritten resume is that, like it or not, we all have one, we all leave one behind after every interaction we have, and it affects everyone from entry-level employees to executives at the C- and Board-level. “No one escapes the impact of their unwritten resume,” cautions de Callier, “and in my book I explain how to manage and construct one’s own personal, authentic version of an unwritten resume, from the very basic elements to the very subtle, in order to get their intended message across in the most compelling and effective way.”

The Unwritten Resume is written in a unique style that is easy to read and understand, maximizing its benefit to the reader.




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