The Center for Democracy and Free Enterprise

The Center for Democracy and Free Enterprise



Prague, December, 2003

Dear friends, NGO colleagues and project partners,

A new Christmas season has sneaked into our daily work routines and has brought festive mood and nostalgic reminiscences to our lives. Christmas holidays and the celebrations connected with the passing of the old and the coming of the new year are usually also a period of evaluation of the past and planning of the new activities.

We in CDFE are doing the same these days. A thorough evaluation of the 13 years’ long history of our Center and of the present and future needs of our country has led us to the conclusion that the time has come to end our activities in the fields of democracy and free enterprise and start doing something else. By now, a solid basis for democracy has been built in our country and free enterprise has flourished in all walks of our lives. Our contribution to the process of democratization and economic liberalization, however negligible it may seem to have been from any global evaluation point of view, has certainly been positive and useful. Several of our projects had an international dimension, many a national one, and those few oriented to specific local needs also made a visible contribution to the democratization process. Let us remember here at least the most important ones:
· MBA Enterprise Corps (1991-1995)
· Training of Czech Parliamentarians (1991-1996)
· Sabre Foundation Book Donation Program (1991-2003)
· Privatization and Corporate Governance Training (1992-1995)
· Legal Resource Center (1994-1996)
· Parliamentary Internship Program (1995-2002)
· NATO Information Center (1997-2002)
· Training of Czech Government Officials in EU Affairs (1999-2001)
· Initiation of the operation of the European Literary Club (1997-1998)
· Initiation of the operation of the Anglo-American Stipend Fund of Jan Masaryk (1999-2000)
· Next Ten Years program (2000-2002)
· NATO Trainee Program, NATO Tour and Prague Atlantic Student Summit (2002)
· European Lycee of Four Presidents – project proposal (2003)

We definitely have something to enjoy remembering and can look at the past 13 years with pride and satisfaction. Upon this occasion we would like to thank all those who have helped us carry out successfully our assignments and projects, stood by us in difficult times, and remained our friends and supporters until today. Their assistance and encouragement are greatly appreciated. We hope to cooperate with some of them even in the future.

What are our immediate plans for the future? There is no clear answer to this question. It looks at the moment that in the next few years we shall focus on the sphere of education, helping with the establishment of new schools and improvement of the quality of education in our country. At the very beginning of the new year we plan to rename the Center for Democracy and Free Enterprise (CDFE) to The European Education Advancement Centre (EEAC). We shall remain an NGO called “public benefit association” (obecne prospesna společnost – o.p.s.), will radically reduce our staff and office facilities, and start our new consulting activities in a modest way. Our office address, email, phone and fax numbers remain the same at the moment but may change in the course of the next year. Until the new webpage is created, the old one ( will continue to inform about our reorganization, future plans and changes.

We would like to wish you a pleasant, relaxing and joyous holiday season and much happiness, success and good health in 2004. May you find encouragement and stimulation in your achievements of the past and enough motivation, vision and courage to enter into new challenges in the future.

With best wishes,

Ladislav Venys
Director and the CDFE staff



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