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Newstin a.s.


Newstin's mission is to help corporate and government clients to optimize the efficiency of intelligence activities and improve performance management by providing fully automated news and data categorization solutions in multiple languages.


We are aware of the processes that are changing business, politics and society in the new age of global information. Our news technology innovations are designed to help our clients overcome problems they may face in this new world of global information. One of these challenges is globalization itself.



It’s year 2009. We have learned a lesson about how market failure on one side of the planet can dramatically affect all other markets worldwide. "Globalization" is not an academic term any more. It is a reality.

In the world of global business your competition is no longer across the street. Your competition can offer similar products and services via the Internet from anywhere and may deliver better quality, cheaper and faster. Today’s true business leaders monitor the activities of their competitors around the world. In the world of global politics, there are no longer ‘speeches to the nation’. Political speeches addressed to one nation can reach all other governments and peoples via mass media almost in real time. Prime movers in modern politics constantly monitor public opinion worldwide.

In this world of global information and global communication, there is no longer any monopoly on media. Anyone equipped with a mobile phone connected to the Internet can inform others about something they are witnessing in the real time. It has become common that bloggers manage to publish information about certain events faster (and sometimes with less bias) than classical media outlets. True leaders realize the importance of processing all sources of information including classical media, press releases and blogs.


While social, political and economic processes are going global, goods, products and ideas are localized in order to target specific cultural, ethnic and social groups. Today’s business leaders fully realize that successful localization gives them a competitive advantage on local markets. Globalization has made it possible for all of us to be connected to the world wide web and have a mobile phone, while localization has enabled us to access our favorite web sites and write SMS messages in our native languages. The times when 90% of internet content was in English are long gone. Today, if you do not localize your products and ideas so that they are understandable and desirable to "locals", if you are not aware of what is going on "locally", you will probably fail in the modern world of global localization. The true leaders of the modern world are aware of importance to understand the local culture through monitoring local news in local language.

Order from Chaos

The Internet has become the largest database of human knowledge and contains more information that all the world's libraries together. Lack of information is now a problem of the past. Now problems arise trying to find information for specific needs. Search engines do not solve this problem as they only provide the capability to search for information using keywords. Search engines create a basic structure of content on the world wide web through indexing and making it searchable by keywords. At Newstin we have taken a major step forward in establishing "order from chaos" from the world wide web by developing multilingual topical taxonomies, which enable differentiation between apples you eat and those adorning personal computers (Read more about our Technology).

From Knowledge to Understanding

Knowing what is going on does not necessarily mean understanding what is going on. Initially, Internet news was similar to classical media because there were relatively few authoritative and trustworthy sources. Today, with the rise of social networks, blogging and news aggregation, the Internet can provide a comprehensive picture and a whole range of varying opinions from around the world. In the future, the web will offer more "understanding" by processing a multitude of sources and identifying statistically relevant interdependencies between events, facts, entities, article sentiment and data extracted from text. Some of these future web technological capabilities have already been developed and implemented in Newstin technology (see Media Analysis Tools).

News Technology Innovations


Whatever you do, you need to have access to global information to stay ahead of global competition. What is the Chinese press writing about your product? What are Mexican bloggers writing about your candidate’s latest speech? How advanced is Japanese research into alternative sources of energy? Equipped with innovative news technology solutions, you will be able to answer these questions.

Newstin delivers a key to global news in the world’s major languages. With our tools you can monitor the industry, organization, company or celebrity of your choice and be constantly updated with the latest information on the subject of your choice. (Read more about our Solutions). From the outset our innovative news technology was developed as a global tool. (Read more about our Technology). We constantly process hundreds of thousands of news sources from major countries in major world languages and compile them into globally relevant topic categories that enable you to monitor the specific news on topic, company, industry, organization or a person of your choice. Our products and solutions are designed to fulfill requirements of the current and future global leaders in business, politics or research.


Newstin a.s. was founded in 1998 in Prague, Czech Republic. Originally, Newstin (as I2S) focused on IT security and conducted extensive in the field of information science and mathematics. Between 2000 and 2006 Newstin served as subcontractor for Cubic Defense Applications on major Government IT restructuring projects supported by the US Government in Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2005 Newstin has been focusing on web mining, semantic content organization and cross-language information retrieval. In 2008 Newstin a.s. won a Red Herring Europe 100 award.


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