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Lifestyles Magazine® and sister publications Luxury Real Estate Edition and Fountain of Youth Prague® are published by Prague Publishing Partners s.r.o.. Lifestyles Magazine® includes features on food and wine, country profiles, wealth management, travel, health and wellness, the best of city and country living, and  interviews with leaders of all aspects of Czech life. Restaurant reviews cover the finest Prague restaurants, from Aromi to Zatisi, and Kampa Park to Kogo.

Our international writing team explains the finer points of investing in a broad range of subjects including real estate, art, collectable automobiles, the emerging private banking market, and other subjects of interest to our high net worth readers. Interviews have included Madeline Albright, Vaclav Havel, Mirek Topalanek, Jack Stack, Alice Nellis, Roman Sebrle, and other notables.

Lifestyles Magazine Luxury Real Estate edition previews the finest luxury flats, chateaux, castles, villas, and grand estates in the Czech Republic and around the world, along with interior design, antiques, Unesco World Monuments, and developers such as AFI Europe, Sekyra Group, Karlin, and Central Park Praha. Our City and Country Living articles detail such notables as Liliova 8, waterfront living in Holešovice, The Mandarin Oriental, The Crowne Plaza, the Hotel Jalta,  and country estates including castles and chateaux with centuries of history.

Fountain of Youth Prague is published twice per year, and targets the cosmetic tourism segment. We provide informative editorial and resources to this €10 billion market, and work closely with Czech Tourism Agency and other government offices to promote the Czech Republic and our professional service providers.

We are the largest English language periodical in the Czech Republic and Central Europe.  Our publications are audited by ABC CR

Lifestyles Magazine®, and our daughter publications, are supported by advertising and clearly marked “special advertising features”. We do not accept compensation for editorial content, and maintain total editorial control.

Additionally, 3P Media  provides strategic market planning and creative services on a Western oriented, P&G model. Lifestyles Magazine® and Fountain of Youth Prague®  are registered trademarks. All materials are © 2009 Prague Publishing Partners s.r.o.

Lifestyles Magazine® 

Prague Publishing Partners s.r.o.

Publisher: John Brooks Lobkowicz

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