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Darina, Larissa and Karen bring you all the interesting places where to go to with kids in Prague, from their own experience. Articles are published every few days so visit regularly to find inspiration on what to do with kids in Prague and outside of Prague. When you do manage to visit these places, you are most welcome to write your own comments on the web site. You can contact us on:


Darina is Czech (originally from Pisek) and lives in Prague 5 close to the famous Homolka and Motol hospitals. After living abroad she finally settled down in Prague, together with her Polish husband Martin and her two sons, Marcus (4) and Nicolas (3). Marcus is a very thoughtful and gentle child, Nicolas is always looking for trouble and smacking his head on pretty much anything that gets in his way. Darina likes all kinds of sport but mainly enjoys Power Yoga and Squash. Her favorite hobby is traveling and meeting people from all nationalities. That is one of the reasons why she chose to work in the travel business all her life. Darina is still recovering from the first year of experiencing what its like to have just 13 months apart between babies, however she is now ready for new challenges.


Larissa is a resident of Zizkov and a native of Sydney, Australia. She has a Czech husband David and Ari (6 months), Lucie (3.5) as well as a neurotic ‘fur child’ called Mango (Mango is a dog!). Her family live right beneath the infamous Zizkov Tower with it’s gigantic climbing babies. Larissa is a jack of all trades (as they say in Australia) - meaning, she does a bit of everything - freelance graphic design, yoga teacher, art teacher as well as a musical entertainer for the toddler crowd. Larissa is also a board member of the Czech Australian New Zealand Association (CANZA) based in Prague.


Karen lives in Troja, Prague 8, not far away from the botanic gardens (the lungs of Prague 8) and the zoo. She was born in Prague but her parents emigrated to Sweden and then to Australia when she was 8 years old. She has been a permanent resident of Prague since mid 2005. Her husband Richard, is Australian and their 2 children, Robbie (8) and Albie (4), were born in Singapore and Prague respectively. Since leaving their Sydney ‘base’ in 1998, Karen and Richard have also lived in Jakarta, Singapore, London and Brussels. They love the challenge of finding new and exciting places to take the kids on weekends and during school holiday breaks. Karen’s hobbies are riding a small scooter through various city parks, while trying to keep up with her 2 sons on their bikes, and learning Italian.


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