International School of Music and Fine Arts Prague

International School of Music and Fine Arts Prague


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The ISMFA is a part-time school of performing and visual arts. “We want to give our students a chance to enjoy their creative potential without the need of professional career; at the same time, we train future professional artists.”

  • Top quality teachers: Alumni of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts, Charles University, London Royal Academy of Music, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, amongst other prestigious institutions. A number of the teachers are distinct personalities in the Czech music world and are also actively engaged in the concert circuit.
  • No transport: HOME TUTORING. If you are not interested in home tutoring, the ISMFA also offers courses in Prague 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7. The timetable for individual lessons is arranged according to the student's preferences and the school's capacity at the various times of the day.
  • Wide range of courses: Individual and group study programmes (music, dance, visual arts) based on the student’s preferences and his/her individual progress or courses with a fixed syllabus, offering internationally-acknowledged certificates on completion. The courses are held in English, Czech, French, German, Japan or Russian.
  • Various musical genres: classical music, jazz, rock and pop music, or a combination of these.
  • No age limit: From three-year-olds to adults, including seniors. Group lessons are categorised by age.
  • Instruments: We provide our students with various musical instruments according to their individual needs; services such as tuning, repair and transport included.
  • ISMFA for ADULTS: Individual music lessons, Visual Arts, Suri Dance, History of Art in Czech Countries
  • Jazz, Rock: ISMFA offers classes not only in the area of classical music but also in jazz and rock.  Among its professors are interesting personalities of the young jazz and rock scene (Adam Tvrdy, Tomas Konupka, Vladimira Krckova, Richard Bohm, etc.).
  • Systematic approach to music education: Nursery Music Atelier (3-4), Reception Music Atelier (4-6) or Group Lessons (piano, recorder, guitar, violin), Individual Music Programmes from the age of 5. Programmes for Advanced Students under the guidance of specialised professoriate. Ballet Lessons are open to children from 3.5 years of age.




popis “Last-minute” concert tickets: Since September 2008, we have provided our students and their families with cut-price, “last-minute” tickets for concerts, opera and ballet performances within the following seasons and festivals: Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Symphony Orchestra, Prague National Theatre, Prague Spring International Festival.  For further info click here.

popis Family Concerts: All students are strongly encouraged to perform at our monthly family concerts. This is a great chance for our students, their families and our teachers to meet in a friendly atmosphere and enjoy music together.

popis Gala Concerts: Another type of regular music events are official student concerts, which take place at famous concert/theatre locations in Prague (such as the Mirror Hall of Clementinum, Lichtenstein Palace, Villa Hvězda, Emauzy Monastery etc.).

popis Special Events: The ISMFA is proud to organize a number of special educational projects in co-operation with the Embassies and Cultural Centres of various countries within the Czech Republic and under the sponsorship of various national and international companies for its students as well as for the general public. The 2009/2010 events overview is available here.


  • ISMFA Certificates (Classical Music Programme – full time students, min. 8 months of instruction)
  • An internationally acknowledged certificate issued by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM Programme)

International School of Music and Fine Arts Prague
Příběnická 16, 130 00 Praha 3
tel: 00 420 731 445 215
fax: 00 420 222 540 700


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