Interdean International Relocation

Interdean International Relocation

Interdean International Relocation 

About Interdean International Relocation

Our Vision

To be the first choice of relocation and moving company for organisations with European or Global interests.

Who We Are

Interdean International Relocation has been established since 1959.  In this period Interdean has moved and relocated over one million people around the world.

Interdean International Relocation has always been innovative and provided peace of mind for expatriates, families, assignees, transferees, relocating employees and their multinational employers to get where they need to.

Interdean International Relocation was the first international moving company to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western Europe in 1971, being the only Western owned moving company to have an office in the former Soviet Union.  When the Berlin wall came down, Interdean International Relocation was the first western moving company to have service centres and warehouse facilities in the new Eastern Bloc.  Interdean International Relocation has outlasted politics to become one of the most established relocation and moving companies throughout EMEA and Europe.

What We Do

Today Interdean International Relocation offers Global Move Management and Relocation Assistance Services to corporate clients, helping them to expand in to new territories and leverage their human capital in core markets.

Interdean International Relocation works for a global customer base of blue-chip clients providing relocation services on a local, regional and global level.

Building Services Around Your Needs

Depending on your organisation, Interdean International Relocation can cover as much or as little of the relocation process as you need. Interdean International Relocation’s dedicated team provide highly personalised relocation services, managing every aspect of the relocation.

From initial policy advisory services, to global move managent and relocation services. You can be certain that at each stage of the relocation process, your relocation services are being handled by experienced relocation professionals with specialist relocation skills every step of the way.

Full Range of Moving & Relocation Services

Select from a range of relocation services to suit the needs of your relocating employees and your organisation's corporate goals.

Mix and match relocation services as part of an overall relocation service programme. Interdean International Relocation's relocation service experts will be able to advise on the best programme to suit your business.

Home-to-Home Moving & Relocation Services

Interdean International Relocation aims to provide complete peace of mind on every relocation.  All services are expertly handled by professional staff to ensure a stress free home-to-home relocation and moving experience. 


Street:   6 Ruzyne U silnice 949
Postcode:   16100 Prague
Country:   Czech Republic
Telephone:   + 420 2 3331 3157/55/58
Fax:   + 420 2 3331 3156
Manager:   Mr Michael Vincenec
Memberships:   HHGFAA, FIDI
Accreditations:   FIDI-FAIM


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