Dvorak Sec Contemporary

  Dvorak Sec Contemporary

Dvorak sec contemporary is a leading Prague-based gallery dealing exclusively in critically acclaimed, important works of contemporary art produced by very young, emerging and high-caliber artists from the United States, Britain, Germany and the Czech Republic. The Gallery’s program for 2009—2011 includes 10 very young and emerging artists from New York, important talents, particularly those exploring the boundaries of media, representation and interpretation in contemporary art making.

Dvorak sec contemporary is a consulting company with over 12 years of experience in contemporary art. We serve a limited number of collectors who seek to build upon their unique and distinct collections.

Dvorak sec contemporary space


Dvorak Sec Contemporary
Dlouhá 5
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic
info@dvoraksec.com VAT 284 37 098


Gallery hours:



Saturday, Sunday


Or by appointment.
Please schedule your appointment at info@dvoraksec.com

Dvorak Sec Contemporary


Another location


Gallery art factory
Wenceslas Square 15
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic
info@dvoraksec.com VAT 284 37 098


Gallery hours:

Only by appointment.
Please schedule your appointment at info@dvoraksec.com


Olga Dvorak

Petr Sec

Tania Kossova
research manager

Aneta Pouchova
investment consultant

Jessica Martinaitis
art consultant


American Children Abroad

Ben and Helena Henderson

Prague, Czech Republic

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