CEBRE - Czech Business Representation to the EU in Brussels

CEBRE - Czech Business Representation to the EU in Brussels



CEBRE - Czech Business Representation to the EU in Brussels was founded by three most important cross sectoral Czech entrepreneurial and employers organizations - Confederation of Employers' and Entrepreneurs' Associations of the Czech Republic, Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic and Czech Chamber of Commerce. Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic together with its trade promotion agency CzechTrade provided support to this joint effort.
CEBRE operates as a part of the commercial and economic section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic to the Kingdom of Belgium.

CEBRE - Czech Business Representation:

  • Is a united representation of the Czech business community.
  • Provides entrepreneurs and their organizations with the information and services facilitating their functioning on the Internal European Market.
  • Represents various Czech business and employers' organizations at their pan-European counterparts based in Brussels.
  • Promotes the interests of Czech businesses vis-a-vis the EU institutions and European associations.

Currently, main focus of CEBRE is helping Czech business community to succeed in the enlarged EU by providing up-to-date relevant information, customized training for managers and analyses of EU affairs. Besides that CEBRE represents its founding organizations vis-a-vis European organizations and associations they participate in. These include BusinessEurope (former UNICE), Eurochambres, UEAPME, Eurocommerce, and others. 

CEBRE is an active member of the following EU think-tanks, associations and networks:

To find out more about activities of CEBRE and its founding organizations as well as about current economic developments in the Czech Republic you can have a look at our quarterly magazine Czech Business Today. If you are based in Brussels and would like to receive Czech Business Today by post, let us know your mailing address at


Czech Chamber of Commerce

Freyova 27

190 00 Prague

Tel: +420 266 721 300
Fax: +420 266 721 690





Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic

Mrs Miroslava Trublová

Lighthouse Vltava Waterfront Towers

Jankovcova 1569/2c

170 00 Praha
Tel: +420 234 379 488
Fax: +420 234 379 489






Confederation of Employers and Entrepreneurs Associations 

of the Czech Republic

Mr Jan Zikeš
Václavské náměstí 21

113 60 Prague 1
Tel: +420 222 324 985
Fax: +420 224 109 374






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