Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic

Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic was established in 1997 as a sister chamber to the Czech Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Toronto. The Chamber is a non-profit organization whose activities are financed wholly by membership fees, services rendered, and through sponsorships.

The Chamber is governed by its Administrative Board.

The Administrative Board is elected once every two years and consists of five members of the Board of Directors (Executive Board) and four to ten other members.

As a business-networking organisation, the Chamber establishes platforms for its members to meet various business and government leaders.

Membership in the Chamber is open to anyone who is interested in establishing contact with the Canadian community. Currently, the Chamber has around 210 members. The membership base consists of a variety of members with diverse backgrounds:

  • Canadian corporations doing business in the Czech Republic
  • International corporations
  • Small & medium businesses of Canadian/Czech origin
  • Individual members of Canadian/Czech descent
  • Czech government officials
  • Representatives from the Canadian Embassy in Prague, etc

As a social-cultural organisation, the Chamber establishes social platforms where Canadians who live in the Czech Republic can network. The Chamber annually organizes or participates in numerous business and social events, for example:

  • Business breakfasts with VIP guest speakers
  • Seminars & business mixers
  • Trade shows
  • Canada Day celebration
  • Annual sporting event (e.g. tennis tournament)
  • Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Christmas party
  • Cultural events (e.g. visiting Canadian musicians and artists)


The core function of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic is to help its members expand their business opportunities in the Czech Republic. This process is facilitated by:

  • Supporting activities that assist Canadian companies to penetrate the Czech market
  • Providing reciprocal assistance to Czech companies
  • Establishing links to local government institutions
  • Informing members about important legal or economic changes taking place in the Czech Republic and in Canada
  • Arranging for members to meet with Canadian politicians and important business personalities who visit the Czech Republic
  • Cooperating with the Canadian Embassy in Prague to promote Canadian business
  • Cooperating with other chambers of commerce and Czech government organizations, e.g. CzechTrade and CzechInvest
  • Helping Canadians establish themselves in the Czech Republic
  • Organizing business & social networking opportunities
  • Informing members about Canadian cultural events taking place in the Czech Republic
  • Publishing a magazine, Go Canada, three times a year, comprising up-to-date articles about relevant economic and social developments

Praha City Center
Klimentska 46
110 02 Praha 1
Czech Republic
Tel./Fax: +420 225 000 345

Peter P. Formanek
Tel.: +420 225 000 509

Alexandra Brabcová
Executive Director
Tel.: +420 225 000 510

Kateřina Fearon
Project Manager
Tel.: +420 225 000 345

To request information about the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, or for other queries, please write to us at the following email address:

Alternatively, for information about our upcoming events, please use the following address:


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